At LAS, we prioritise these six traditions to instill strength, self-love, and service with our Latina mentees. 

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SOLIDARIDAD | Solidarity

We teach solidaridad by educating our Latinas about their history, tailored to their dual identities. Through this shared culture and history, they find a common purpose to contribute to their local communities and connect with other like-minded Latinas.

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COMPASIÓN | Compassion

We stress compasión, because empathy is not enough for creating sustainable changes in our communities. Both empathy and compassion come from love, but having compassion leads our Latinas to problem-solving actions.


INTEGRIDAD | Integrity

We inspire integridad by modelling consistent reflection of our values, goals and principles, so our choices are a representation of our authentic selves. For our Latinas, integrity is more than honesty and truthfulness, it is recognizing the impact that each of us has on others and the need to actively maintain an open mind.

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TENACIDAD | Tenacity

We foster tenacidad in our Latinas so they can stay on track towards their goals in the face of challenges and setbacks. Our Latinas understand tenacity is a process, not an attribute, where they must practice strategies to focus, hope, cope and clear a path to success by treating setbacks as learning opportunities.  


CIUDADANÍA | Citizenship

We nurture ciudadanía, because understanding and valuing our rights and responsibilities in our community is only the first step. Our Latinas develop the skills to deliberately engage in the protection and improvement of their communities with mutual respect for all diversity.

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LIDERAZGO | Leadership

We cultivate liderazgo in our Latinas so they can communicate effectively and collaborate purposefully to make extraordinary changes. An emphasis is placed on building leaders confident in empowering others, cognizant of their social responsibility and committed to achieving innovative solutions.